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Turn your data into accurate predictions

Bring the power of AI to your organization with No-Code ML. Create accurate machine learning models in minutes and turn them into actions.
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Upgrade your analytics, see your future with predictive modelling

Accelerate your business with Octai - increase productivity, speed and efficiency with an analytics platform powered by No Code AI.

Visualise your data

Use our No Code AI features to transform your data, ask questions, and quickly gain insights without needing to write a line of code.

Create generative charts, reports and dashboards

With just a few clicks, you can use your data to instantly build live charts and reports that refresh as your data updates.

Drive impact with predictive models 

Use machine learning to predict critical business outcomes like sales forecasts, lead scoring, employee attrition and more.
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Why our customers love our product

Octai accelerates impact to your business – increasing productivity, speed, and efficiency with an analytics platform powered by No Code AI.
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Octai reduces our costs
Zorlu is using Octai to automate their portfolio management, continuously predicting electric consumption and executing intraday trades to reduce costs
Adnan Peker
Technologies Manager
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Saving 1.5% on claims
After using Octai to cut down on claims leakage and to augment cost optimization, Allianz has been able to save 1.5% each year on claim costs.
Ceyhan Tinay
Chief Information Officer
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Energy Consumption
Before using Octai for daily electric consumption predictions, the error rate was as high as 14–15%. Now, the error rate of IC İçtaş Energy has dropped to 3%.
Oğuz Yumaz
General Manager
How it works

Turn your data into predictive models

Data in, Future out.
Start with your data, train a custom machine learning model and use it to make smarter real-time decisions.
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See Your Future, Today!

Revolutionizing business outcomes with predictive analytics for every team
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