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Founded in September 2022, Octai is a technology company that makes AI easy enough for anyone to use. We're combining state-of-the-art ML technology with a simple, intuitive platform to enable a new generation of AI powered businesses.
Our Team

We are builders, working to make AI accessible to everyone.

We are a team of brilliant colleagues, dedicated to making data science and machine learning available to everyone. We are helping our customers with data manipulation and feature engineering, as well as delivering state-of-the-art AI modeling services.
Our Mission

We are committed to building a future where AI works correctly for everyone.

Octai is leading the charge in the next wave of technological evolution by democratizing access to cutting-edge AI capabilities. We recognize that throughout history, industries have undergone transformative shifts, and now, AI stands at the forefront of the next revolution.
Our mission is to empower individuals and organizations of all sizes with the tools and technologies that drive this evolution. We firmly believe that AI is not just the future, but the key to unlocking unprecedented progress and innovation across sectors. By making AI accessible to everyone, regardless of their resources or scale, we are reshaping the landscape of possibilities.
At Octai, we understand the historical context of industry evolution. From the advent of the Industrial Revolution to the digital era, each phase has introduced remarkable advancements. Now, we find ourselves on the cusp of a new era, where AI is poised to revolutionize the way we work, learn, and interact with the world.
Through our comprehensive suite of AI solutions, we aim to harness the transformative potential of this technology. From advanced data analytics to machine learning algorithms, our cutting-edge tools empower businesses, researchers, and individuals to unlock insights, automate processes, and make informed decisions.
We are committed to driving positive change through inclusivity, collaboration, and equal access. By democratizing AI, we enable organizations of all sizes to embrace digital transformation and leverage AI-driven innovation. We strive to foster a diverse ecosystem where ideas flourish, breakthroughs happen, and industries thrive.
Together with our clients and partners, we are shaping a future where AI is integrated into every facet of our lives. By bridging the gap between technology and accessibility, Octai is at the forefront of the next wave of industry evolution. Join us as we unlock the limitless potential of AI and pave the way for a more connected, intelligent, and prosperous world.
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Octai accelerates impact to your business – increasing productivity, speed, and efficiency with an analytics platform powered by No Code AI.

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