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Deploy Revenue

Deploy, monitor and create real-world, data-driven solutions in a production environment, ready for operationalization.
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Key Capabilties

Model deployment, easy as 1-2-3

Octai Deploy enables teams to deliver an endless number of machine learning use cases in a fast, repeatable, and scalable manner, complete with advanced metrics, logging, and alerting capabilities.
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One Click Deployment
Easily deploy models using the Octai UI.
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Auto Scaling
Octai Model Deployment automatically scales deployed models based the resources required.
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Easily track the metrics, logs, and performance of your models in one place with Octai Model Deployment.
Use Cases

Octai model deployment in action

Batch Interface Diagram -
Batch Inference
Deploy your models as batch inference jobs when you need to generate many predictions at once using scalable compute resources.
Realitime Interface Diagram -
Real-time Inference
Use Octai Deploy to run your models as real-time endpoints and generate predictions on a single observation at runtime.
Streaming Interface Diagram -
Streaming Inference
Use Octai Deploy to run your model as a streaming application and trigger it in an asynchronous manner or on an existing stream of data.

Business applications

Octai accelerates impact to your business – increasing productivity, speed, and efficiency with an analytics platform powered by no-code AI.
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