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Let Octai power your Revenue

Bypass the competition. With Octai you can pull ahead by rapidly building machine learning into every corner of your product and operations.
How it works

Turn your data into predictive models

Data in, Future out. Start with your data, train a custom machine learning model, and use it to make smarter real-time decisions.
ML Model Prediction Diagram -
Making ML Simple

Enhance your capabilities

Solve problems faster, more reliably and with higher accuracy
Move Faster
Build, validate, and deploy models in minutes instead of weeks.
Drive Impact
Find the most optimal models to achieve top-tier performance.
Reduce Risk
We worry about reliability so you and your team don’t have to.
Connect to your data
Octai integrates a myriad of third-party data sources, so you can access all the data you need in one place.
Integrations Dashboard -
Mine Dashboard Diagram -
Prepare and Store Data
Octai facilitates the discoverability, reuse and accuracy of features for ML and delivers more accurate data for models at any stage of the pipeline at any given time.
Register & Train Models
Octai Model standardizes your ML project structure and automatically generates versions for data, code, and parameters on every model build. Deliver immutable and tested production grade artifacts continuously.
Model Dash Diagram -
Model Dash Diagram -
Observe & Forecast
Deploy models to production with one click. Deploy and monitor models into a production environment to create real-world, data-driven solutions. Generate ongoing forecasts in minutes. Ask your current and historical forecasts and easily share with your team.

Why data & AI?

Organizations recognize that data & AI are catalysts for enterprise reinvention, but also know that there’s work ahead to fully capitalize on data & AI’s potential.
of executives believe generative AI will be transformative to their company.
of organizations plan to increase their level of spending in technology and are prioritizing investments in data & AI.
of business leaders see data readiness as the top challenge to adopt AI.
of executives support a certain level of government regulation for AI.
of organizations are increasing their investment as a % of revenue, which was previously 89%.
of organizations have specific training programs planned for this year to ensure teams are prepared to adopt generative AI tools.

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