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Marketing Mix Modeling

Don’t settle for an incomplete understanding of your marketing performance. Plan marketing spend and predict ROAS with marketing mix modeling (MMM)... - Machine learning predictive analytics with no-code
17 July, 2023
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Benefits of using Octai

Every year, businesses lose roughly $1.6 trillion to customer churn. In some industries, up to a quarter of customers churn each year. Increasing customer retention by 5% can increase profits from 25-95%.

Optimize & Predict Marketing Performance

Generate a upto a 50% increase in performance across your marketing mix with AI-powered insights. Maximize your budgets and shape your strategy with marketing mix modeling.

Marketing Mix Modeling in Minutes

Automated data preparation, modeling, and production mean Octai can simply connect to your data source and start analyzing your marketing efficiency. Generate predictive insights across multiple dimensions in a fraction of the time. Understand how marketing and non-marketing variables impact channel performance.

Improve Campaign Performance

Predict your channels’ performance so you can refine your channel mix and budget allocation. Know which channels will drive the highest future value and take immediate action. Octai’s action-oriented MMM solution makes it easy to improve results.

Offline and Online Channel Prediction

Quickly obtain a holistic perspective of cross-channel marketing initiatives. Examine the ROAS of different channels in easy-to-use, interactive dashboards. Define segments and predict their contribution in the ways most meaningful for your business.


Empowering marketers to respond to changing business and macroeconomic environments is critical, but existing tooling results in an overreliance on data scientists Through one-click scenarios & counterfactuals, marketing teams no longer need an army of data scientists to provide analysis for decision-making.

Benefits Budget Efficiencyusing Octai

Optimize budget allocation to each spending channel in order to maximize the forecasted revenue for the next quarter. Users can input a budget and optimization parameters such as campaign and channel. The app will then show new forecasted revenue and a revenue split by channel.

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