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No-Code Machine Learning Platforms:
The Best 9 ML & No-Code Machine Learning Platforms: Your Guide to Democratizing AI in 2023
Machine learning and artificial intelligence are transforming the modern world at an unparalleled pace. From healthcare advancements, to revolutionising the e-commerce sector, these technologies... - Machine learning predictive analytics with no-code
The Data Guide to ML
As machine learning (ML) becomes more prevalent, organizations are eager to adopt this technology to enhance their business processes.... - Machine learning predictive analytics with no-code
Improving Balance Responsibility with Better Daily Demand Forecasting
Everyone knows the feeling—a perfect entrée that has been spoiled by either too little salt or too much.... - Machine learning predictive analytics with no-code
Allianz Is Optimizing Costs by Cutting Down on Claims Leakage
Deniz had been saving for years. He finally pulled the trigger on his dream car—a white 2020 BMW 520. Deniz kept his beloved BMW clean, was a safe driver, and bought an insurance policy from Allianz.. - Machine learning predictive analytics with no-code
Improved Electricity Consumption Predictions with AI-Powered Daily Demand Forecasting
Starting its path in 1993, Zorlu Enerji is one of the leading players in the energy industry.  The Company is also an integrated utility operating in electricity generation, electricity and ... - Machine learning predictive analytics with no-code
Tapping Into New Markets with AI-Driven Innovation and Process Optimization
In the summer of 2022, one of the leading manufacturing companies in the world requested Aigoritma to build a business case for the digital transformation of their Retail division in Turkey...


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