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Octai for Manufacturing

Bringing AI-powered solutions to make manufacturing smart.
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Data Revolution

Manufacturer's data-driven reset

From production quality to predictive maintenance and more, augment all aspects of the manufacturing process with Octai. Pre-built projects and ready-to-use templates enable manufacturers to decrease costs, improve efficiency, and meet demand.
The Issue

Challenges manufacturers face with AI & ML

Rising material and labor costs

Staffing challenges and the erratic cost increase of materials is coupled with globally low-cost alternatives both for materials and labor.

Planning cycles shortening

Operations need to continually improve cycle times and scheduling yield while working within shortened planning cycles.

Complex business applications

There’s difficulty ensuring the consistency of ML insights across the manufacturing value chain due to many disjointed tools.

Supply chain complexity

Supply chain challenges and difficulty gauging demand for goods is negatively impacting operations and production timelines.
Real World

Why Octai for manufacturers?

Increase throughput
With Octai's no-code platform, create predictive models that help anticipate critical parts or processing points that might need maintenance while fine-grained demand forecasts help you foresee demand, customer trends, and even late shipments to optimize production and supply chain. A suite of monitoring and drift detection help alert you of changes, so you can quickly keep pace with them and shorten planning cycles.
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Increase productivity
Optimize yields and material mix based on cost or materials available, forecast anticipated demand and revenue at the item level, or tackle market price optimization and elasticity.

Octai accelerates your ML, enabling you to predict supply chain disruption, late shipments, and stock-outs so you can adjust quickly and control the costs of your operations.
Eliminate waste
With Octai more accurately predict demand and optimise production schedules. An apparel manufacturer was able to reduce stock levels by 30% as a result of using ML to predict customer demand more accurately, which let it move to just-in-time production.
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Mine Dashboard Diagram -
Product development
Product development is one of the most common use cases of AutoML with Octai in manufacturing. Traditionally designing new products or improving existing products require extensive data analysis to deliver the best results.

Octai accelerates collecting and analyzing a large amount of product data to understand consumer demand, uncover hidden flaws, and identify new business opportunities. Improve existing product designs as well as develop better products that can create new revenue streams for the business. Companies can reduce the risks associated with the development of new products, as they can make more informed decisions with better insights.

Manufacturing applications

Real world examples of how Octai accelerates impact to your business – increasing productivity, speed, and efficiency with an analytics platform powered by no-code AI.
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