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Octai for Supply Chain

Octai Model standardizes your ML project structure and automatically generates versions for data, code, and parameters on every model build. Deliver immutable & tested production grade artifacts continuously.
Supply chain diagram -
The Problem

A Trillion Dollar Problem

Lost revenue due to overstock or out-of-stock items cost retail and manufacturing industries over $1 trillion a year worldwide.
For the supply chain, artificial intelligence powers predictive analytics, using machine learning models from the past to build models that can predict the future. AI drives accurate demand forecasting in the real world, and these accurate predictions, in turn, improve demand response times and decrease unnecessary overhead.
To The Rescue

Benefits of Octai

Where traditional demand forecasting applies static, predetermined sets of rules to analyze data, Octai can automatically detect complex interactions and patterns in huge batches of data that would be impossible for humans to recognize, adjusting dynamically in response to changes in collected data. This greatly improves demand planning accuracy for launches, promotions, and markdowns involving products that share similar characteristics.

Advantage of Octai

More accurate sales and demand forecasts, by SKU, store, and week

Optimized staffing levels across the supply chain from stores to distribution centers

Fewer out-of-stock situations

Faster response to trends, seasonality, and competitors

Optimized curbside pickup and delivery to customers

Increased customer satisfaction

See Your Future, Today!

Revolutionizing business outcomes with predictive analytics for every team
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Supply Chain Applications

Real world examples of how Octai accelerates impact to your business – increasing productivity, speed, and efficiency with an analytics platform powered by no-code AI.
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